Class Actions


Serving Clients Throughout Oklahoma and the Nation

When many individuals are injured in the same accident or as the result of the same defective product, they can pool their resources in a class-action lawsuit to challenge the powerful interests of large companies. If you would like to discuss your case with an attorney, contact our Shawnee office today to schedule a free consultation.

To qualify as a class action, there are four requirements:

  • Multiple plaintiffs
  • A common complaint against the defendant
  • The same specific set of circumstances for the complaint
  • One or more plaintiffs to represent the entire class in the proceedings

At The West Law Firm, our class-action lawyers have frequently acted as lead counsel, sometimes in cases where the class has involved more than 100,000 people. Our attorneys handle class-action lawsuits state- and nationwide, including the following instances:

  • Homeowners were underpaid on homeowner insurance claims
  • Automobile accident victims were underpaid on insurance claims
  • Out-of-state consumers were wrongfully charged state sales tax
  • A dangerous drug such as Baycol caused harmful side effects

If you believe you’re one of many people who’ve been harmed by a product, contact The West Law Firm today to schedule a free initial consultation.

We do not charge a fee unless we recover financial compensation for you.