How to Get the Best Possible Settlement for an Auto Accident

We all know that lawyers help us when we are in trouble, especially if it comes to a law and order situation.  The chance of winning your case increases if you cooperate with your lawyer. Until or unless you cooperate with your lawyer and provide all necessary details needed; there will be less of a chance for you to win your case. The auto accident lawyers in Oklahoma are efficient and will win you the settlement you deserve. How can a client help their lawyer?

You can start by providing all the necessary information including:  

1. Background Information:

Provide all personal details including your ID proof, permanent and present address, date of birth, contact details including emergency contacts etc.

2. The Description:

Your lawyer needs to know the accident in detail. Give the professional all details of the accident location, how it took place, its exact date and time etc. Provide all available information upfront rather than hiding anything from the attorney. It will make your case less complicated and increase your chances of winning. Provide the contact details of any eyewitnesses to the attorney. Try to collect the CCTV footage of the nearest camera installed at the location or the road; it could be a valid proof.

3. Car Details:

car detail.jpg

The auto accident lawyers in Oklahoma need to know your car details. List all the information including car model number, manufacturing details, purchase papers, license, registration number etc. If you were not the driver was in the incident, provide his details also. If your car is completely demolished, provide related papers or certifications.

4. Car Insurance:

car insurance.jpg

If your car was insured your attorney may require a copy of the declaration paper from your insurance company as well as other policy details. If you have already filed a claim to your insurance, collect the documents and adjuster’s contact information.

5. Photos:

photos of damdage.jpg

Click photos of your damaged car, the certification from repairer etc. as this can all be used as evidence.

6. Medical Documents:

If you are physically hurt in the accident, submit medical bills and all other related papers. Not only will it make your position stronger but may also get you compensation for it.

7. Job Details:

A car injury, if severe, can directly affect your job. If you have lost earnings, provide employer’s contact details, office address, designation, salary details etc. Do not forget to mention, how your job was affected by the injury.   

8. Communication:

Communicate with your attorney regularly. Get progress status, provide any other required information if you may receive etc.

9. Medical Status:

medical status.jpg

You should be providing all the medical progress reports to your lawyer. If you must consult a specialist doctor, notify your lawyer of this. If after treatment is complete you have any residual problems, do not forget to mention this. If your case is a strong one, you will get compensation.

Provide the above details to your attorney and let them handle the rest. Contact The West Law Firm to get professional and experienced auto accident lawyers in Oklahoma.

** Disclaimer: The above article does not imply a relationship between attorney and client, nor is it legal advice.