5 Ways Bad Faith Insurers Opt to Deny Your Claim


While investing in a life insurance policy, you may think about the bad faith insurance and hesitate to invest. This is quite obvious. There are many people who are unfortunate to be served by the bad faith insurance and either they didn’t get the claim or got it much later than when it was required the most. The companies who are compliant with the law do not take the risk of ruining their business as bad faith insurance company, but there are many who tend to stop your claim on any ground despite showing every authentic document. Here you need a bad faith insurance lawyer to stand against their conspiracy and bring your deserving claim. But, before you hire one, learn the common ways in which you can be ditched by the bad faith insurers.

1. Generally, the life insurance policies have two-year incontestability clause. After these two years, the insurer can only cancel the policy if the investigation finds that there are misrepresentations on the application. But what the bad faith insurers do is spending the time to investigate how to cancel the claim. In many cases, after a demise of the policyholder, when the nominee or beneficiary files for the claim, either the insurance company delays unnecessarily or gives out a much less amount.


2. Once the claim is processed, after demonstrating all the documents of the beneficiary, the bad faith insurance company starts their own investigation which is formed to cancel the claim. They may request many additional records like a death certificate, payment receipts of policy premiums, medical history and many others. They supposed to process the investigation and release the claim as soon as possible, but in reality, they elongate the process and harass the beneficiary. The beneficiary needs a bad faith insurance lawyer in this case.

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3. In fact, the policyholder who may have failed to submit the premium for the last few months for severe illness would be considered to cancel the claim. Generally, it does not matter if the policyholder always paid the premium on time. But the bad faith insurance companies make it an issue to put against the claim.

4. After the death of the policyholder, insurance companies misinterpret the policy terms in front of the beneficiary and if the person is not in a mental condition to fight for it, they utilize it well and cancel the claim. It is better to let the professional bad faith insurance lawyer deal with the case and bring back the claim to the beneficiary.

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5. There are several things that do not come under the coverage of insurance claims. Generally, the bad faith insurance companies do not tell you about it. Later, it will come up that claim is not under the coverage of the policy.

It is not possible to fight against the fraudulent companies on your own. Hire a bad faith insurance lawyer from The West Law Firm and get the claim without any hassle.