Bad Faith Insurance Signs That You May Not Know

bad faith insurance signs

When it comes to unsure, shaky and deterrence-filled insurance claim processes, there is no other member of society who can be of better help than a bad faith insurance lawyer. A bad faith insurance lawyer will go one step ahead and file a complaint on your behalf and raise an alarm by making it a class action suit in which the entire procedure becomes for the good of society in general, and not just for the benefit of one person or entity.

There are many critical and particular notions associated with a complaint-worthy insurance policy claim. Most people agree that insurance policies try their best to twist words and make the meaning difficult to understand. Most people do not understand the verbiage unless they are legal professionals or are in the insurance business. This is because it is simply the nature of the business, legal writing is necessary and the insurance companies do it more to protect their own interests than to simply harass an entity.

Bad faith insurance lawyer

A bad faith insurance lawyer uses certain time-tested preconditions that may be utilized to know if the insurance company is genuinely acting in bad faith or is simply doing something else and expecting a certain kind of behavior. Here are three bad faith insurance signs that you may not know:

  • There is an unforeseen and unexpected delay against the claim. In other words, the insurance company keeps you waiting for an unnaturally long period of time and makes the whole affair a very difficult venture to bear. Since they are procrastinating in their reply, you may have financial expenses to bear, and you may go ahead and simply speed up the process by approaching a bad faith insurance lawyer.

  • They make an unreasonable request for documentation. If the insurance company starts the procedure of the claim but then decides to ask for unreasonable and difficult-to-find documents, then you may go ahead and approach a bad faith insurance lawyer. Upon your request, the lawyer can take the legal route in raising an objection to the concern put forward by the insurance company.

  • A quick settlement offer is made. A counter-intuitive sign that should also be kept in mind when an insurance claim is being made is if the insurance company makes a settlement offer too early. There is likely a chance of a bigger claim, and the insurer may be trying to settle the offer with simpler and cheaper options.

These are just a few of the reasons you should go to a bad faith insurance lawyer; you will not regret doing so once the entire process is complete.

** Disclaimer: The above article does not imply a relationship between attorney and client, nor is it legal advice.