Get Legal Help for a Dog Attack


Dogs can provide seemingly endless love and companionship, although some dogs may also cause property damage or personal injury. You could have to hire a personal injury lawyer in OKC if your dog attacked someone, or someone else's dog injured you or your pet. Because the applicable legislation varies by state, a local personal injury lawyer in OKC may tell you whether or not you are entitled, your potential liability, the defenses that could be used, and the possible legal or monetary implications of your case.

Who Is Responsible?

When he or she is negligent, the dog owner is usually responsible for a dog bite. General negligence is established in law and a rule of one bite. The rule says that if the dog has pitched or acted in its way, the owner should compensate for that when the owner knows the dog's previous behavior.

The victim of a dog's bite can also be negligent, such as by ignoring owner warnings. Even the owner, for reasons of negligence, of a dog that did not exhibit beforehand signs of bias may be sued. If he or she has not taken ordinary care to handle the animal, a dog owner can be negligent. In a similar situation, the owner acted in a manner not to take action.

How to File a Lawsuit for Dog Bite

Cases of a dog bite are relatively simple compared to other cases of personal injury. Use the information above to show that the owner is responsible for the incident to lodge a claim against a dog owner. The lesions you suffer must result directly from the dog's bite.


Make a list of all current and future costs resulting from the injury after you have established a responsible party. The following costs may include medical bills, lost wages, rehabilitation, expected future medical costs, permanent scarring and permanent disability.

A dog attack is traumatic and often leads to psychological scars. You can also have the right to compensation for emotional damage in the form of punitive damages in addition to covering costs of physical damage.

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At some point during the claims process, you are likely to have to deal with an insurance company. Physical evidence is necessary to show that the morsel has taken place. Otherwise, the insurance provider can refuse to cover you. Substantial evidence includes examples of photographs of the scene and injuries, medical bills, incident reports, and witness reports.

You will need to hire a personal injury lawyer in OKC to help you file a lawsuit against a dog attack after collecting evidence and establishing damages.

Although the owner is little likely to be insured, many insurers do not cover incidents involving dog bites. If covered, your lawyer will work with your insurance provider to negotiate a settlement. If your proprietor is not covered, your personal injury lawyer in OKC will have to take a case against them, leading to dog-bite proceedings. From that point, a settlement or trial can be negotiated by the owner.

When the Dog Owner Is Not Liable

There are certain circumstances where a dog owner can not be held responsible for any injury to the dog. When it is shown that the bite victim has contributed in any way to the injuries, he will not recover any compensation.

Trespassing: A dog owner may not be held liable to a trespasser on his property for any injury caused by his dog.

Abusing or Provoking a Dog: The dog bite victim is solely responsible for any attempt to agitate a dog to the point of aggressiveness, and any injuries resulting from it.

Committing a Crime: The dog owner is exempted from fault if the bitten person was committing an offense or trying to commit a crime that leads to a dog attack.

The complexities can be significant, regardless of whether you file a lawsuit or defend yourself against one. A successful proceeding may result in awards, depending on the jurisdiction, covering loss of work, medical charges, loss of income, suffering, and sorrow, and even punitive damage. It may be difficult to know the lawsuit for the damages, and defenses that can apply to your situation. Contact your experienced personalinjury lawyer in OKC today for an action involving dog attack injuries.

** Disclaimer: The above article does not imply a relationship between attorney and client, nor is it legal advice.