Liability Issues With Teen Drivers Involved In An Accident

Teen Drivers

It is quite common in the United States for high school teens to have and drive cars. But, statistics show that most car accidents are caused by teen drivers as they can be irresponsible and dangerous drivers. According to the National Traffic Safety Administration, for each mile driven by drivers between the ages of 16 – 19, they are four times more likely to have an accident than other cars on the road. Teens are only 10% of the entire population, but 12% of car wrecks are caused by them. The reason can be lack of experience or carelessness and an irresponsible attitude, but the consequences can be fatal.

In OKC, every year many car accident cases caused by teen drivers come to the court's attention. An accident attorney in OKC is the only way to handle a post-accident situation. Now, the question is who will be liable for the accident caused by this teen drivers? Here are three points answering this question.

When It Is A Family Vehicle  

It is possible that the car the teen is driving belongs to his or her family or parents. This will be considered as negligent entrustment and mostly, the parents are liable for the damage. This is called the family car doctrine. For details on this, you can contact an accident attorney in OKC to handle the situation.


When It Is A Friend’s Car

If the teen is involved in an accident with his or her friend’s car, the owner of the car will be liable for the damage. This is called owner’s liability. If the driver of the other car becomes injured due to the accident, both the teen and the owner will be sued, and they will have to pay for the damage.

When The Teen Is Uninsured

Due to the increased rate of which teen driver’s accidents, insurance companies have a set of rules for uninsured motorists. This is for the benefit of the victim and in the past the teen has been forced to pay for the damage. If the teen is on the car owner’s insurance policy, the insurance companies of both parties will work together on the claim. It is dependent on the policy coverage and limit.

If the injured one and their insurance company wants to press charges against them, they can sue the teen and the owner as well. Damage compensation is a case like this is a must.

The accident attorney in OKC can help you with all the rules and regulations to deal with your case. To get a reliable one, you should contact The West Law Firm, a professional team of lawyers who can provide the best solutions pertaining to car accident damages and insurance.

** Disclaimer: The above article does not imply a relationship between attorney and client, nor is it legal advice.