Parking Lot Accidents – How Will Your Insurance Work?

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When you think about automobile crashes, you often think about accidents on busy roads. Parking accidents, however, are a possible risk which should not be ignored. A few miles from where people live many accidents take place in parking lots. An experienced accident attorney in OKC at West Law Firm could help you if you suffered a parking lot accident. We will discuss the legal options.

Reasons behind Parking Lot Accidents

Parking lots are not intended for driving at speed. Many drivers drive, however, faster than they should and potentially endanger others. Mostly, motorists must drive in a parking lot not more than 5 miles per hour, but many do not. Also, many drivers get engaged or distracted in other activities in a parking lot. Many admit to indulging in distractions like using their phones for directions, messaging, or photos or checking the mirror now that they are “safely” off the road.

You may receive compensation for your damage when motors are acting carelessly, leading to a car accident.

Parking Lot Rules

The vehicles going through the lanes usually take the right of way, so drivers approaching the lanes from the parking spaces must give the lane drivers the right of the way. Therefore, the driver leaving the parking spot will probably be at fault in the event of a driver going down a lane and colliding with him while he is trying to back out.. An exception to the general rule applies if a vehicle driver on the lane does not comply with a "STOP" which gives vehicles leaving the car park the right of way instead.

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Various Parking Lot Accidents

Parking accidents are caused in several ways, including these common types:

  • Two drivers back in - both vehicles are moving in this type of crash. None of them can seek the other. Both drivers can't have the same right of the way so the drivers can share responsibility.

  • A driver is pulling into parking lot traffic – the driver pulls into the traffic lane out of a parking space and hits a moving vehicle. In this case, the driver who enters traffic can be at fault. The reason is he or she has not properly yielded to traffic.

  • Car parking – two cars drive fast toward the same parking space and crash with each other during the process in this kind of accident. This kind of accident can address both as responsible. However, the driver who was turning left to enter the spot may be most responsible.

  • A driver leaves the space without checking – a driver may reverse from a space and into a vehicle in this accident. He or she may be responsible for the crash because he or she could not wait for a safe moment before reversing.

Who Is at Fault?

For drivers who are involved in parking accidents, failure determinations are important, particularly in the case of the coverage of vehicle damage and any personal injuries in your insurance policy. If you have car insurance, the fault may be an asset to determine the insurance benefits, irrespective of the laws of your State. You should, therefore, be careful about what you are saying at the scene of a car accident, even if you think that you are not to blame and allow insurance companies to resolve everything during the investigation.

The initial stage is to state the entire incident no matter if there no damage or injury from the parking lot accident. Find out more about why your car insurance company needs to report even a minor accident. Consult our accident attorney in OKC for assistance.

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Legal Options after an Accident

It is essential that you know your rights if you got injured in an accident at a parking lot. Even if you contributed to the crash, you might also be eligible for compensation for the damages, including your medical bills, loss of your salary and the suffering and pain.

Our licensed accident attorney in OKC at The West Law Firm will be able to discuss circumstances of your claim. If you have a valid claim and can recover, the lawyer can advise you.

However, You Can Avoid Accidents

Fortunately, motorists can take many steps to reduce the chance of an accident.

  • Look before you back-up - use your mirrors to back up — some of the best ways to avoid accidents.

  • Maintain low speed - keep your rate at five miles an hour or less when searching for a spot or when traveling out of one.

  • Turn signals - Specify your intentions by using your turn signal.

  • Parking signs - all the ‘stop signs’, ‘no parking’ signs, and other signs should be observed.

  • Parking a little further out - parking a bit further away is a way of preventing competition in car parks and being in the less trafficked areas.

** Disclaimer: The above article does not imply a relationship between attorney and client, nor is it legal advice.