Should You Sue Your Doctor For Medical Malpractice

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When should you sue your doctor? Of course, only when the associated doctor is involved in any medical malpractice, it may or may not affect you, as a responsible citizen you should bring that to light. What if you already have suffered because of the doctor’s malpractice or your loved ones got serious medical issues because of it?

Whether it is ill-treatment, wrong treatment, wrong diagnosis, misleading information or anything else that has made your family suffer, a lot comes under the laws and regulations of the United States and you should contact a personal injury lawyer in OKC or the region you reside in.

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Is It a Malpractice Case?

To start with, you have to know the medical malpractice laws of Oklahoma City. The statute of limitation is two years within which you can file a lawsuit. When does the time begin? The clock starts running from the day when the incident happens, however, it may also start to run when the person comes to know about the incident, such as wrong treatment. It is a little tricky to know the date and only a lawyer can help you.

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Caps on Damages

Under section 23-61.2, a person can get $350,000 if the case has an incident of wrongful death or the judge determines the death happened due to negligence, fraudulent intention and reckless disregard for the patients rights.

On a whole, medical malpractice means doing anything that a medical or healthcare provider should not do under any circumstances that can harm a person or society. There is a lot more involved with this and many sub-sections to understand medical malpractice completely. Until you have a professional by your side or a personal injury lawyer in OKC, you won’t be able to understand it all.


Suing Your Doctor

Before you sue a doctor, the court will take time to understand the whole situation to know if it is truly an incident of malpractice. Suing a doctor takes time, is complicated and filing this lawsuit is expensive. That is why if you cannot prove it, your effort will be in vain. If you win the case, you will be entitled to receive medical expenses, compensation for lost wages, pain, emotional distress etc.

It depends on the case to determine whether it is worth suing your doctor. But when it is a medical case you should give it the highest attention. You can call The West Law Firm to be your personal injury lawyer in OKC.

** Disclaimer: The above article does not imply a relationship between attorney and client, nor is it legal advice.