What to Do when You Are a Victim of an Accident with Uninsured Driver

Incidents involving motor vehicles happen daily. Sometimes minor accidents lead to property damage and temporary bruises. But an accident is sometimes far more serious. For serious injuries, the minimum insurance coverage requirements are seldom sufficient. In such cases, how can accident victims be compensated?

Accident Victim

Do’s and Don’ts after Injury

Call Your Police – Whether or not a car accident involves you, it is always a good idea to call a police officer. Whether or not the other person has insurance. However, it is even more important to call the police if you deal with an uninsured driver, because the reports will help to cover your costs and make the claims process easier.

Avoid Accepting Money - As the other driver does not have proper insurance, heavy fines and charges could be imposed–so they could try to provide you with money to avoid legal consequences. At this point, you don't know what damage or injury costs have incurred to you, so your accident attorney in OKC will likely suggest not to accept money, even if it looks like a good deal.

Information Swapping - They certainly don't have information to give you insurance, but you still want to receive their contact details. Do not forget to ask any witnesses for contact information, since their statements can also be useful during the reclamation procedure.

Collecting Details - Get the vehicle's make and model, the time and location of the accident and the respondent's name and badge number. Enter any relevant details you believe can help you with your insurance company.

Click Pictures - The other drivers license plate, the traffic signals, the direction each vehicle was traveling - all these details are important and are useful for filing a claim.

Liable for Car Crash Injuries

When someone was severely injured or killed in a car accident, the cost to the victim and their family is huge both financially and personally. In this case, an investigation would be carried out to ascertain if the accident is caused by negligent driving of someone else, and if so, the car insurance would be claimed.

In the absence of any of the above criteria of legal liability, the injured party is limited to the accident benefits of its own car insurer or can be guided wrong. Hire an accident attorney in OKC to avoid all such hassles.

Insurance Coverage

Underinsurance Coverage

When you own a car, coverage of under-insured motor vehicles is part of your automobile insurance policy coverage. Underinsurance provides you, your family and any other person in your vehicle with cover if they are injured in an accident and the driver responsible is not insured to reimburse the injured.

Other Coverage

If the faulty driver operates a non-owned car, investigation should be conducted to see whether additional benefits are available under other insurance coverage. There may be several policies covering a victim of a car accident in some circumstances. For example, where the negligent driver was employed at that time, additional corporate insurance or employer liability policies may apply.

In the same way, there is additional coverage for automotive accidents in certain excess insurance policies and the insurance of homeowners. If you are a victim of a car accident, and the responsible party is uninsured (and not insured enough), your accident attorney in OKC should carefully investigate the potential for excess insurance coverage, homeowner's insurance, business or employer liability. If you have a car accident, your lawyer should examine all options. Often the additional insurer contests that their coverage is applicable. The insurance coverage and the underlying accident claims must be litigated against by your lawyer.

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