What You Should Not Do Immediately after an Accident

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A car accident is unfortunate for everyone, be it a driver, a passenger or a pedestrian. In most cases, apart from repairing the car, what comes in our mind is an immediate medical attention. Unfortunately, falling in a grave accident, often the victim has to spend a lot for medical purposes, car repairing etc. A person can go under life-long trauma or may lose job capability or earning ability. Other than the worst scenario that is death, there could be a lot of regretful consequences. Amongst those, not getting insurance claim and money is one and at that point you need an auto accident lawyer in Oklahoma.

It is quite obvious; a person would get perplexed after facing an accident and there only a few who can stay calm. Though you should know what you should do and what not.

Auto accident lawyer Oklahoma

Do Not Leave the Place

It is better to stay at the accident scene till police arrive unless you need immediate medical attention. Leaving the place without having any conversation with police or law enforcement team, can put you in trouble and you may have issues to claim your insurance. If you have to leave the place, call the police and describe the reason behind your leave.

Don’t Admit Fault

Describe the conditions of the accident but at any point do not admit yourself as guilty. Do not give any such statement that keeps you at fault even you are not the liable person in reality. Who is the responsible person will be decided later by the honorable court and there are auto accident lawyers in Oklahoma to help a victim.

Auto accident lawyer Oklahoma

Don’t Sign any Document

Do not sign any document in absence of your lawyer. It can go completely against you. You might not understand the legal language on the document fully and if you sign it can backstab you. The same also go with your insurance company. Even it is your insurance company; do not make this wrong step of trusting blindly and signing a paper that can harm your best interest.

Don’t Share on Social Media

Do not share any picture on the social media. If you post any picture, it can be misinterpreted. It is better to keep mum and let your attorney to deal with everything. The safest option is to stay away from social media until you receive your claim and the case is resolved.

Moreover, you should not wait too long for filing a case or even for medical help. Be honest with your auto accident lawyer in Oklahoma to get the right judgment and claim.