Can You Sue A Self-Driving Car with No Driver?

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Automated and semi-automated vehicles are trending these days. Though the purpose is to decrease accidents and prevent rash driving or drunk driving, accidents have been reported involving automated vehicles too. If you are a victim of such an incident, get help from an accident attorney in OKC to handle the case professionally.

Automated Cars: Safer or Not?

In this advanced age of technology, when AI is a prominent term, the automated car is a relevant topic to discuss. The research for automated cars began in the 1920s. Finally, after the on-road testing, the technology arrived on the market successfully in 2017. The automated car is basically a vehicle without a driver. Accumulating the technologies of radar, GPS, laser light, odometry and computer vision together, the concept has been turned to reality.

Purpose and Expectation

The automated car is designed in a way that the rate of accidents should decrease with it. As the machines are designed and run with a set of rules, there is no scope for a mistake. Therefore, you can expect the least number of accidents with these automated vehicles. However, there have been some reports of accidents. Now the question is, Can anyone lodge a complaint against a self-driven car? Well, you can consult an accident attorney in OKC to get the detailed guidelines.

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Categories and Features

There are two types of automated cars. One is fully controlled by technology and doesn’t require a driver, and the other is partially controlled by technology. In many states, including Oklahoma, the testing of automated cars is allowed. The driving service providers have utilized this very well, and they released cars with no drivers after testing them on the road.

There are few instances of accidents with these cars, but the technology is not found to be at fault for those. However, there is a risk for pedestrians and cyclists. In the partially automated car, the technology warns the driver to switch to manual control if any such crisis arises. The fully controlled car, which belongs to the SAE level four of five, is designed to handle such a situation automatically.

The Legal Process for Victims of Accidents

The concept sounds interesting, and it is effective enough to decrease the rate of accidents, but there is still a question of safety. As it is a new idea, people will take time to adjust to it. Of course, if you have been in an accident with an automated car and have been victimized, you are liable to lodge a complaint against it. In this case, the car owner will have to go through the legal procedure. You can hire an accident attorney in OKC to deal with this problem for you. If the car is fully automated, the technology can be accused, and then the situation can be investigated by The National Transportation Safety Board.

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