How to Fight Heat Stroke for Athletes


When children head back to school, the climate remains warm. Student-athletes practice outdoors and the practice time is mostly in the summer. The scorching heat of the summer is really harmful during exercise. And everyone knows that outdoor sports consist of intense exercise. Running, repeated drills and other associated activities. This can cause severe problems in children. They can fall terribly sick.

It was reported that children and teens fell sick, at an afternoon practice conducted by a school. The problem spread so quickly in some cases that they suffered from seizures before emergency help came, which can lead to a fatal consequences.

This was utterly unexpected and unfortunate. The reason behind it was heat exhaustion and heatstroke. This can be so severe as to bring death. A personal injury lawyer in OKC is there to help you out but nothing can be a death consolation or compensate you for your loss. Here are some tips for you to understand the scenario and take the necessary steps to prevent it from turning into a severe issue.

The common symptoms of heatstroke or heat exhaustion include dizziness, headache, nausea, muscle cramps, feeling faint and cold or having goosebumps, rapid pulse and excessive sweating. It is not necessary for all the symptoms to be shown together and everyone will suffer from all of these differently. If any two of the symptoms are shown and there is no valid reason for it, you should visit a doctor immediately. The rest of the case from which your children had to suffer can be handled by a personal injury lawyer in OKC.

Body Temperature

If the problem does not get medical attention, the body temperature may rise up to 104 degrees. This can result in life-threatening heatstroke. It is needless to say that heatstroke can damage the brain and other important organs, which can lead to death. To help the situation, the body should be cooled down immediately by drinking water, resting in a cool place and stop physical activities etc. for that time. 

It belongs to the responsibility of the trainer or coach to provide proper safety equipment, understand the difference between the capacities of the participants, recognize the injury or illness of the participant and arrange first aid immediately.

If you find out that your children are sick and it is from the negligence of a trainer or supervisor, you can lodge a complaint against them with the help of a personal injury lawyer in OKC. After the treatment of your children, you will get compensation if the negligence can be proven.

With the lawyers from The West Law Firm, you can fight the case confidently. Their skills and experience will assure you get what you deserve. Come to us as soon as you can after the incident and go to court for judgment.

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