Will Your Company Pay after an Accident in a Work Vehicle?

Accident in a Work Vehicle

You met an accident while driving your personal car and it is quite convenient to assume who is going to pay the medical bills initially. When it is your company vehicle, it is hard to anticipate the same. There are a few serious concerns. Does your employer have any such policies to cover medical bills if you meet with an accident while driving a company car? What if the accident was caused by another driver?

In Oklahoma City, where accidents are quite common, such questions are relevant. Luckily, if you were driving a company car, the employer will be held responsible for paying medical bills. It means, the insurance policy of the company will pay for your medical bills and you should come under the worker’s compensation. Though there can be exceptions, like if you were driving under alcohol influence it might not work for you and personal injury lawyer in OKC would not be able to help you out.

Compensation Form

When You Are Eligible for Compensation

If you were doing any work-related activity and met with an accident, you will be paid compensation. But you may not be eligible if:

  • You were on any personal errand.

  • You were committing a crime.

  • You commute regularly.

Only there is an exception if it was a business trip. If you think you are eligible for compensation, hiring a personal injury lawyer in OKC is the best step you can make. At The West Law Firm, we can help you navigate the complexities you may get and get rid of everything.


Right Time to File a Lawsuit

If you were driving your company car and met with an accident, you are eligible for compensation from the company and from the lawsuit. Worker’s compensation is capped and does not pay for your sufferings and pain; therefore, you can get the compensation from the lawsuit. We, here at The West Law Firm have extensive experience to maximize compensation of our clients and protect them. Call us for your personal injury lawyer in OKC to win your case.