We Are the Best Law Firm of 2019

The West Law Firm

We cannot hold our joy anymore and this is the time to share it with you all, our loved clients. Finally, our enthusiasm and energy have got us on the right track. Our constant efforts to keep you out of problems are now bearing fruits. The West Law Firm has been named one of 2019 Best Law Firms in America and it has had its name on the list published by U.S. News & World Report -- Best Lawyers. We are proud to be the first-ever law firm ever to own such a title in this highly regarded list in the Oklahoma City area.

The path was not an easy one. We had to pass through a lot of criteria. Let us share with you all the criteria.


The firm must have at least one attorney with a place in the recent edition of Best Lawyers in a Best Law Firms in metro areas.


The formal submission process was emailed to us.

It included

-          Eligibility practice in metro areas.

-          A survey on law firms.

-          Instructions mentioning how to send client lists or surveys of professional references.

(Our clients or professional references were emailed a survey reviewing our firm. They had to rate us according to our expertise, responsiveness, business sense, understanding, cost-effectiveness, civility and whether they would like to refer us or not.)


Against each firm, all quantitative and qualitative data were collected and confirmed. This is because firms are usually separated by small differences in overall score. Here, firms were judged in tiers as well as ranking.

Only one law firm was to be awarded as ‘Law Firm of the Year’ in the national-eligibility practice areas. There were different tiers.

Metro Tiers 1-3

National Tiers 1-3

Law Firm of the Year

We are a proud title holder of the Best Law Firms in America in Tier 1 category for the metropolitan Oklahoma City area. We take it as a responsibility to serve you better. Therefore, it is a promise that we will sharpen our proficiency more than ever before to help you with whatever you may need. Come with us…

** Disclaimer: The above article does not imply a relationship between attorney and client, nor is it legal advice.