When Airbag Is the Reason for Your Injury


Airbags are security equipment in cars designed to be used for the protection of occupants of a vehicle during a crash. They can be situated on the front-seat passenger's steering wheel, as well as extra airbags for side-impact incidents at the doors. When a serious crash is detected, the ignitor in the airbag is triggered by a collision sensor to gas the aviation bag and then quickly deployed. While airbags can save lives and decrease the seriousness of certain accidents, they can also trigger some kinds of injury even if properly deployed. Eye and skin may be irritated by, for instance, dust and chemicals in your airbag. The auto accident lawyer in Oklahoma can help you in getting compensation under certain circumstances.

Accident Causing Airbag Defects

In the car industry, airbags have been a significant reminder. In reality, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Authority (NHTSA), these figures achieved current records in 2013. The issue, however, is not always how the airbags are deployed. Some individuals are wounded in a severe accident when the airbag does not work.

Apart from the non-deployment airbag, other flaws include:

  • Metal fragments

  • Deploying unexpectedly

  • The underperformance of the airbag

  • Deploying with excessive force

  • Delayed deployment

Separate parts, like the crash sensor, might be defective. Regardless of what the cause is, it is essential to discuss with an auto accident lawyer in Oklahoma whether the manufacturer could be responsible for severe injury caused by an airbag absense.

Airbag as a Common Cause of Injury

It has a severe effect on your body if something strikes you at high velocity. Sometimes, because of a sensor or a mechanical issue, an airbag deploys much later than it should. If you've moved your body forward, you might be wounded if you are too near to the airbag. In some cases, the chemicals used in airbag deployments have also caused accidents.

Accident Injury

Common Injuries from Airbag

Chest: An airbag has to arrive quickly to prevent your body from being thrown out of the front seat of the vehicle. After the airbag explodes out of the steering wheel and hits your moving forward, your chest is open for injury. Many riders suffered from broken bones in their chest and soft tissue harm.

Face: Your face is one of the first parts of the body to contact the airbag and is affected the most strongly. As long as your aviation bag can avoid this, the force of the airbag can strike your face. The power of the airbag may damage your skin, nose, and eyes. The deployment of airbags can lead to broken facial bones and permanent scarring. Eye injuries were sufficiently serious in some instances to lead to temporary or permanent blindness.

Neck and Back: The whiplash can cause severe neck and back injuries due to the airbag effect. Your neck and back often involve ongoing medical and treatment.

Burn or Chemical effect: Airbag deployments can lead to abrasion or burning velocity. Another cause of burning is the chemical and is generally the sodium hydroxide produced by airbags in the aerosol. Direct heat burns from gas or indirect wounds, as well as physical contact friction burns are feasible. The use of a defective airbag could lead to severe lacquering and even death of metal fragments/shards throughout the entire car and occupants.

Internal Injuries: Asthma attacks may be induced by chemicals which have been released during deployment.

How to Proceed with a Claim

  • Keep the car safe. Don't throw anything away. Don't let it go to the junkyard if the vehicle is completed.

  • All the correct proof must be collected, including that of keeping the vehicle after the accident and repairing it.

  • Who can be responsible is the next thing to consider. It is usually the manufacturer of the airbag.

  • Another significant step is to examine the possible reminder of the car because of an airbag issue if the recall is made, print and shares this data with your auto accident lawyer in Oklahoma, who will use it as proof of the deficiency of the airbag.

  • Especially, contact the auto accident lawyer in Oklahoma. Such instances can be very complex and involve extensive proof. There can be barriers, such as dealing with the insurance undertaking, and determining how a claim against the producer or other parties can be processed.

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