Why Frontal Air Bags is Necessary?

Air Bag

There are several ways in which public health authorities, car companies and lawmakers have attempted to decrease fatalities and accidents from motor vehicles. Lawmakers, for instance, have enacted legislation in many countries intended to reduce behavioral issues, such as distracted driving and drunk driving, which increase the likelihood of a lethal accident exponentially. In such cases, opting for an accident attorney in OKC can also become difficult.

Improved vehicle safety technology is another way to tackle the issue, and car companies have come a long way in making cars easier to ride. Most normal characteristics in contemporary automobiles include blind spot monitoring and other driver aid techniques that avoid prevalent causes of road accidents.

How Frontal Airbags Can Cause Injuries

One could argue that no technology was more important in reducing the number of road deaths as frontal airbags. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) decides that frontal airbags save nearly more than 3000 lives each year. In 1989, frontal airbags became normal equipment in all cars.

Unfortunately, no technology is ideal, and frontal airbags have been scrutinized to cause injury and even death. The Takata airbag recall is currently one of the country's biggest safety recalls, affecting more than 40 million cars worldwide. A safety deficiency in the airbag inflator led airbags to explode, leading in 16 fatalities and hundreds of injuries.

A frontal airbag is intended to avoid collision contact with a steering wheel, dashboard, or windshield. To accomplish this, it must explode in less than a second out of its accommodation. And the fabric is not precisely pillow-like. However, most will agree that it is better to contact an airbag than to slam into a steel panel or glass windshield.

Over the years, airbag technology has advanced, but accidents do happen. The most frequently impacted are kids and the elderly as they lack the power to resist the frontal airbag's original force. Not wearing a seatbelt or standing too close to the steering wheel also raises the danger of injury. Of the many kinds of injuries triggered, facial injuries are some of the most common one with the deployment of frontal airbags.

It can be said that you can never avoid the risk of accidents even after you deploy frontal airbags. Therefore, getting in touch with an accident attorney in OKC at The West Law Firm is a wise decision for you.

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